Hydro mechanical Spare Parts

Slurry Pump Impellers are the main components in centrifugal slurry pumps which have vanes to steer and direct the centrifugal forces to the slurry. Our slurry pump impellers are normally made of high chromium alloys or other materials on customers’ desire. Slurry Pump Volute Liners Volute liners close to impeller at a certain angle, so that the aspired liquid slurry is forced to leave the pump housing through the impeller. Slurry pump volute liners are normally made of high chromium cast iron of 27% Cr, and special alloys are also available. Slurry Pump Casings Castings are also parts that come into contact with the transported material, the casing guides the slurry to the pump channel in the unlined section of the pump. Our slurry pump casings are usually made of Ductile Iron or special alloys depending on customer needs. Frame Plate Liner Inserts as well are wet parts, where the shaft passes through and they are typical drive side liners, which are connected with frame plates in horizontal lined slurry pumps. Slurry pump frame plate liner inserts are normally made of high Cr alloys. Slurry Pump Throat Brushes are again wet parts, especially in horizontal slurry pumps. They direct the slurry to the impeller. Throat bush is common in bigger pumps, because throat bushes and volute liners are normally one solid piece in small pumps. The design of slurry pump throat bushes is based on cost issues in manufacturing and operation. Slurry pump throat bushes are normally made of high chrome alloys.
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